M.A. Students

Materials About the Curriculum


All M.A. students are required to enroll in ES HESA 7530: Practicum in Higher Education and Student Affairs.  M.A. students take this course in the spring semester of their first year and complete approximately 10 hours a week of work in an office that differs from their assistantship. The purpose of the practicum is to provide students with an opportunity to work in a different functional area than their assistantship. This can be a paid or unpaid position, and is negotiated directly with different offices on campus and in the Columbus area.

Study Abroad

Students may incorporate education abroad but must consult with their advisor regarding how the experience will fit with coursework in the student’s program of study. HESA has offered short-term education abroad to Ecuador in the past.

Please contact the SPA office at spa@osu.edu if you have questions.

Leadership Education

Are you interested in co-teaching an undergraduate leadership course?  Would you like to help design curriculum for leadership classes?

As a HESA student, you will have the opportunity to serve as a co-facilitator in a variety of leadership courses offered as a part of the Undergraduate Leadership Studies Minor through the Department of Educational Studies.  In most cases, you will work alongside a faculty or Student Life staff member to instruct courses and will have a chance to assist in the creation of curriculum, facilitate class sessions, and participate in grading assignments.

Possible course topics include:

  • Introduction to Leadership Development
  • Team and Organizational Leadership
  • Strengths-Based Leadership/Coaching
  • Global Leadership/Multicultural Competency in Leadership
  • Community Leadership (service-learning)
  • Leadership courses for student organizations/Greek organizations/cohorts

Students may pursue this opportunity after completing their first semester in the HESA program.  Leadership courses are offered each semester and the experience of teaching a course can be used to fulfill the practicum requirement if approved by your academic advisor/practicum course instructor.

If you have questions or are interested in this opportunity, please contact Dr. Amy Barnes at barnes.269@osu.edu.


The Higher Education Student Personnel Association (HESPA) is the program’s student organization.  HESPA coordinates socials, community service, and other fun events.  All students are welcome to join!