Doctoral Students

Ph.D Students

Materials on the Curriculum and Process

Doctoral Internship

Students enroll in ES HESA 8191 for 150 hours (no more than 12 credits) of doctoral internship prior to candidacy. Internship may take place across one or more semesters, within or outside of HESA, and is meant to augment theoretical learning in an area of practice aligned to the student’s future career interests. The internship is arranged between the student and their internship supervisor with the advisor’s approval.

Ed.D. Students

The HESA EdD is a 3 year doctoral program for full time working professionals. Students enroll in two courses per semester including summers to complete coursework in the first two years, then spend year 3 working on their dissertation in practice. The EdD has no internship component.

Materials on the Curriculum and Process

Study Abroad

Students may incorporate education abroad but must consult with their advisor regarding how the experience will fit with coursework in the student’s program of study. HESA has offered short-term education abroad to Ecuador in the past.

Please contact the SPA office at if you have questions.


The Higher Education Student Personnel Association (HESPA) is the program’s student organization.  HESPA coordinates socials, community service, and other fun events.  All students are welcome to join!